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Bandhani Collections Take Centrestage with the Best Anarkali Dresses & Dupattas

No event in India is too significant or too ordinary for attending in anarkalis or kurta-pant sets. Even if the celebration is just a simple one, anarkalis and bandhani kurtas can easily help you fit in. These can now be worn any way you choose and come in a variety of lengths, materials, trims, and many more styles.

Whether it’s a home puja, an evening out with friends, a shopping trip, or a family function set amidst beautiful indoor decor, light fabrics in bright colours feel cool and comfortable and look trendy, particularly if they celebrate the iconic resist-dyed “bandhani” patterns symbolising Rajasthan’s rich textile craft traditions.

Bandhani Collections

The beauty of classic tie-dye textiles crafted by hand, like those featuring bandhani or leheriya, is that they can make even the most modest designs appear vibrant, extravagant and full of life

From bridal to daily wear, contemporary bandhej separates are a meeting place of traditional craft traditions and modern design interventions. Bandhani clothing is often animated with stunning mirror work, neatly folded tassels and elaborately embellished borders.

Bandhej outfits in classic summer hues of orange, bright red, parrot green, light blue, and mustard tones are of course evergreen. Designer styles today include separates in black and white tie and dye matched with embroidered accompaniments, hand-embroidered kurta sets with vivid bandhani dupattas, sarees with all-over bandhani prints and gota marodi borders, and much more.

Bandhani Anarkali Dress

Sometimes, a lightweight ivory-toned silk anarkali kurta with subtle red bandhani prints lightly embellished with muted gold zardozi is all you need while attending a formal professional event or daytime wedding celebration.

For evenings, you can choose a long, ankle-length cherry red dress in chiffon featuring all-over sequin embroidery matched with a pair of churidars and a gold sheet dupatta. If it’s a palazzo you choose for its flowy silhouette, it blends seamlessly with a calf length anarkali and playful tasselled dupatta.

What’s appealing about the anarkali set is how simply elegant it is. You can style it in various ways across a spectrum of occasions. It’s fashionable and comfortable to wear a traditional anarkali-style kurta to work, study, or on social calls.

The anarkali dress is also versatile – dress it up or down, replace parts like dupattas or bottoms and mix and match as your heart fancies. complete the look with a statement necklace and glam it up with a thick bracelet. Combine fine plain fabrics like Chanderi and Banarasi tissue silks with bandhani printed cottons, satins and silk mul.

So Many Styles to Choose From

Log on to online luxury shopping destinations to search for bandhani ensembles and designer collections. Find well-known labels on Ajio Luxe, Tata CLiQ Luxury, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Myntra Luxe, Aza Fashions, and other similar spaces.

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