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Best Care For Your Bird

Knowing how to properly take care of your pet bird is crucial in order to ensure your bird has a happy and healthy life. Plus, having a healthy, carefree pet will also bring joy to you as an owner, right? This article will serve as a guide to help you know how to offer the best care for your bird. 

Birds contribute a lot to our community. They reduce insects and annoying pests, they do pollination, and they can even provide fertilizer. If you know how to take care of your bird properly, it can live up to more than 80 years old! Plus, you will continue to feel charmed. 

In addition to giving your bird the initial healthcare it needs, you can also find a lot of the best vets in Virginia Beach, whether it be online or onsite, which is pretty advantageous. This article will teach you six ways to provide the best care for your bird. The six ways are as follows:

Buy a suitable cage.

Initially, purchasing the ideal and breathable cage for your bird is important. Preferably, rectangular cages are better to buy than circle-shaped ones, as there can be a lack of space. Opting for a large cage—that can fit in your house—for your bird should be considered. There should be enough space for your bird to fly in, and roam around, and enough room for their wings to flap. Moreover, choose a cage that has bars that are just right—not too small and not too big.

Place the bird’s cage in a comfortable area. 

Considering the cage’s best placement is important to make your bird feel safe and comfortable. Preferably, birds should be kept indoors, and you should refrain from keeping them in a dark, secluded area or outdoors as they might get cold. For a social bird, it is best to place the cage wherein the bird can often see people so they can interact with it. For scared birds, it is recommended to place the cage in a quiet room and give them time to adjust to the environment.

Furthermore, avoid placing the cage where it’s constantly facing the window, as the bird may believe that they must always be on the lookout for enemies, making them feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Place the cage in a warm, welcoming, and comforting area to provide your bird with the best environment they can live in.

Do not smoke in the same room.

Birds are extremely sensitive to pollution and smoke! Therefore, always refrain from smoking in the same room as them. The smoke from the cigarette can contain particles that may eventually damage the bird’s respiratory system. In addition, smoking in the same room as your pet bird can also cause skin and heart problems.

Provide them with the right food.

Of course, providing the appropriate food for your bird is also important. Avoid overfeeding them and always check if they have water. A bird’s meal should contain about 75% pellets and 25% human food. In addition, it is also best to consult a veterinarian about the perfect foods to feed your bird, and some bird species tend to be picky. But generally, birds often eat seeds, fruits, and sometimes even insects. Just don’t feed them chocolate, spices, or avocado. 

Set them free once in a while.

Setting your bird free once in a while or even taking their cage outdoors to see nature is beneficial for your bird. Birds who are constantly maintained indoors can cause them depression. They also need to see their true home once in a while in order to make them happy and satisfied. A bird’s freedom should never be robbed of them.

Maintain hygiene.

Lastly is to maintain your bird’s hygiene, which is very crucial. Clean their cage often, perhaps once or twice a week, as birds are creatures that often poop. It is also recommended to place disposable materials under their cages, such as paper or cartons, to make their poop-cleaning more convenient.

Above are the six tips on how to provide the best care for your pet bird. Aside from the common pets like cats and dogs, you should also consider getting a bird! These cute and lovely animals can also offer you the best experience and bond. They are colorful and lively animals that can bring life to the house. They don’t take up too much space, and they are also low-maintenance! However, just don’t make wild birds your pet, as this is not ideal and not supported.

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