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The main attraction at our Pet Paradise are our small, furry friends. I always see my dog, Lola, hanging out in the garden with the other kitties. My cat, Buddy, is usually around the house as well. I enjoy the company of the other animals and feel safe and secure with them.

Our pets are not our biggest concern right now. But our other furry friends are.

Our furry friends are the reason we are here. These are the people who are in charge of the animals and our lives. We have a lot of different pets. There may be a dog named Mimi in this garden. There may be a cat named Kitty in the house. There may be a rabbit named Bunny in the backyard. There may be a parrot, named Marley, in the kitchen.

But even without our pets, there’s still a lot we can be thankful for. There’s a dog named Molly who comes to our rescue on an average of once every two hours. There’s a cat named Daisy who lives in our basement. There’s a cat named Daphne who comes to our rescue on an average of once every two hours (and then, like Mimi, she’s gone the next day).

This is probably the single most common request that we receive, that we add pet-friendly restaurants to our map. I would say that if we don’t add them, people will continue to ask us to add them.

Pet-friendly restaurants are something that we have added to our map, and it is something that I have been very happy to say yes to. Pet-friendly restaurants are like the answer to the question we get asked most often, and it is something that we have made a priority to make happen. We are absolutely committed to making them happen, we have even gone so far as to put a small portion of our sales into a local pet food company that we helped to start.

Pet-friendly restaurants are a way for people to get a little bit of what they may not have otherwise. They don’t have to be expensive or fancy, but they do have to be good, and we are proud to say that we are the only local restaurant offering our pet-friendly menu. We’re also proud to have been a part of the Pet Friendly Summit, which last year took place in New Orleans and was sponsored by PetSmart (which we are a part of as well!).

We are a local restaurant, and we are looking for more local business to be a part of our Pet Friendly business. We want to start with a small part of pet food, but we want to grow into a full scale pet food company. We have already had great success with the pet food we started with a local community garden, and we want to be more successful with pet food.

We are actively looking for new business to join in the Pet Friendly business and look to support local businesses in the community. We are also looking for a full time pet sitter and business owner who is willing to open a pet store in the community. We are hoping to set up shop in the summer of 2011.

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