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This was a fun project to do on my birthday and it was so much fun to work on with my friends. I love to use my imagination to make things that are whimsical and fun.

My friends and I have been making pet whales for years and years. I even made a pet whale in high school that I thought might have been a pet whale. It looked like a dolphin, but I can’t remember if I made it pink or blue or all of the above. We were all so proud of this pet whale. I mean, it’s a really cute and pretty whale.

The world of pet whales has changed a lot over the last few years—it’s just a very small, tiny, little whale. The species has become more diverse and there’s no telling how many species there are. Some of the species actually have a large population. It seems like these are pretty big and we have so many different kinds that we can easily get lost by looking them up.

They are also more plentiful these days, which is good for the pet industry, as more of its creatures are actually endangered. Now if you know of a wild pet whale, please contact me.

I have this in my book, The World’s Greatest Animal Survival Guide, and it seems to be the most useful guide you’ll read.

The pet whale is so widespread that you won’t even need a guide to find it. It’s probably one of the most common creatures of this planet of course, but if you can’t find one of your own, you can always adopt one from any local shelter.

I love it.

But unlike the pet whale, the pet whale isn’t endangered. In fact, that’s a lie. A lot of these endangered species are actually just hiding in plain sight and not getting enough attention.

The pet whale is endangered because it has such a small range, and the few places where it can be found are so remote that its chances to survive are slim. One thing that is known about the pet whale is that it has a lot of teeth. I know that sounds weird, but the fact that the pet whale has so many sharp, pointed teeth is actually one of the reasons why it is so difficult to find.

It’s actually the sharp, pointed teeth that has gotten everyone’s attention. From the pet whale to the polar bear to the bald eagle, every single iconic piece of wildlife has teeth. And if each species’ teeth have been a little different (or, in some cases, two different species’ teeth have different colors or shapes, or are shaped like a snake or a shark), then finding them all would be difficult.

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