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Many of our friends have asked me what I do with my three cats when they get to be too old to live with us. I am not sure why it is such a big deal. My cats have always been my pets. They are great, but I can’t imagine that they are too old to live with me.

The reason you can’t have three cats in your house is that you can’t just pull one out. I can see why some people feel like that, but I don’t want to do that. If I had to put up with three cats in my house and not have them on my floor, I would just have to live with them as long as my floor is empty.

Most cats that get to be too old to live with us are not really our pet. They are either our adopted or stray cats which are either no longer needed or are too sick. The only thing you can get for an old cat is an old cat, and that is to throw him into the garbage when he is too sick to live with you.

I have a cat, and I always have a cat. I would never ever ever put up with cats that are too sick, but I cannot just do without my cat. I have to help her out, and I have to be able to help her out to get her up to that level where she can live without me.

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